My name is Meagan and as you can tell, I really love hummingbirds. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I became interested in hummingbirds when I was around 15 as I began paying more attention to the ones that visited my backyard. I came to love them after seeing how beautiful (and adorable!!) they are and how aggressive and brave they can become when guarding "their" feeders and territory.

Year round I have Anna's and Costa's and during the summer I get Black-Chinned and an occasional Rufous during migration. I have traveled to different states to see breeds of hummingbirds that do not frequent my area, like Utah for Broad-Tailed hummingbirds and Arizona for Blue-Throated, Broad-Billed, and Magnificent hummingbirds. One of my favorite trips was to Santa Cruz, California, to see a rare leucistic male Anna's that was living at the UCSC Arboretum.

Thanks for checking out my website,

Meagan ❤️️